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Establish and sustain live music’s role in society as a utility.  

To build a global public benefit nonprofit organization by live musicians for live musicians. How do we achieve this? By partnering with independent small venues in cities across the world in order create a new touring network, foundation + support system for indie musicians. One that rightfully employs and empowers the current/future generations of independent, original, live music artists. 

Our partners receive a hands off, world class, monthly booking solution to supplement their live entertainment schedule. And our artists are paid a living wage through G.I.G. by sponsorships, donations and fundraising events.


G.I.G. will utilize all means to communicate, educate and facilitate its missions via multimedia, public service announcement mechanisms, events, publications, social media and innovative approaches of connecting with our focus audiences. G.I.G. will welcome and pursue philanthropic, business and public support for our initiatives and projects, and will operate in a sustainable and socially responsible manner with direction from our governance Board of Directors.

Strategically partner with independent chefs, restaurateurs,  entrepreneurs (venues) of proven establishments to connect communities through local food and international music/entertainment. 

To establish a Junior Mentorship Program that incubates talented individuals, provides mentorship and “in field” training with veteran members of G.I.G.

To create and implement a collegiate recruitment program that travels to universities across the globe. Spreading awareness of the power of live music, the ways we can utilize it + new technology to make a difference in our environment. Additionally, to scout for new talent for our Junior Mentorship and guild membership. 

Create a model for a Student Music Education Program for K-12 to bring music therapy, music classes + teachers back into the classroom with focus on mental health and frequency, across the globe. 

Utilize our unique group of talent, passion and performance expertise to engage and assist a vast array of environmentally conscious initiatives globally, in partnership with!

This mission statement is evergreen yet also evolving to meet the needs of musicians for generations and generations. 

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