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Taylor Alexander

A singer/songwriter, visual artist and natural born entertainer. Taylor began playing guitar at age 12, songwriting & performing at 16 and became a paid professional at age 20. In 2010, as lead guitarist in his sister's band (Mia Carruthers & the Retros), their debut EP reached #24 on the iTunes pop charts independently. 


During the last decade, Taylor embarked on a solo career, performed 1,500+ shows, released 4 solo EP's, three singles and spent six years living/touring out of Los Angeles. Where he filmed the video above in a Hollywood haberdasher he managed. He also waited tables for seven years and learned both the music and service industries intimately, he even did both jobs at the same bar on the Santa Monica promenade!


"It became clear to me that the business model between musicians and local bars/restaurants was broken." Taylor adds. "It's a 70 year old model based on teenagers buying cheap tickets and drinks that is never coming back, thanks to social media and the iPhone. So once COVID-19 halted live music for months, the work on G.I.G. began."


Fourteen years of experience and surviving a global pandemic has birthed this revolutionary nonprofit to pay qualified artists what they deserve, a living wage. Giving them tools to inspire future generations, while helping us to understand what we cannot grasp with just language. But most importantly stabilizing and empowering those who keep our ancient cultural tradition of music, food and community alive. 

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